Sayoc Kali Hellas


Sayoc Kali is a dynamic, constantly evolving system that is recognized internationally as one of the premier edged weapon solutions. It is the system of choice for Special Forces, Elite Armed Units, and Civilians around the world and its Tactical Group frequently has contracts with United States Units. It has been featured in “The Hunted” (starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro) and can be seen in several “NCIS: LA” episodes.

Sayoc Kali is an “All Blade, All the Time” system.  The training methodology is designed to install not only the correct responses and attributes needed to survive a conflict involving weapons (edged, impact or otherwise) but more importantly the correct mindset. We do not use terms like “defense” because when a person “defends” himself it is presumed that someone else dictates the course of events. Our “Feeder” mindset has been developed by Pamana Tuhon Chris Sayoc drawing on generations of real-world experience and utilizing the concepts of the OODA Loop Theory. The “Feeder” is aggressive, proactive and determines the outcome of every situation he finds himself in.

Our classes feature:

  • Blade Safety Protocol
  • Single/Multiple Blades
  • Projectiles
  • Vital Targeting
  • Feeder / Receiver Concepts
  • Multiple Opponent Scenarios
  • LOT (Logical Order of Thinking)
  • Impact Weapons
  • Kerambit
  • Tomahawk
  • Whip
  • Medical Management

Sayoc Kali Hellas was founded in the end of 2007, by Guro Angelos Bastakis. The first trainings were done outdoors but, as the group grew, the need for a formal school was born. In the end of 2008 the Sayoc Kali Hellas Group begun operating in a local gym.

PMA Hellas has been the host of the Sayoc Kali Hellas School since 2011, under the guidance of Pamana Tuhon Chris Sayoc, Tuhon Jimmie Sayoc and Guro Nick Sacoulas, our school sponsor.

Since its founding our school offers the opportunity of participation in local seminars conducted by top level instructors of our system, as well as training camps that take place abroad.