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Complete Self Protection
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Self Protection in its most Advanced Form

Proven Self-Protection Kinetics

The motions of Sayoc Kali have been tried and tested in extreme conditions of street violence and family protection scenarios as well as battlefield altercations.

Learn How to Use and How to Protect Yourself Against All Types of Weaponry

Learn in a short time how to confront and use weapons of every category (edged, impact, flexible, projectile etc).

Solutions to Extreme Security Scenarios

Sayoc Kali will provide logical solutions, that work effectively against seemingly unsurpassable situations that include weapons, multiple opponents, protection of loved ones and more.


Extreme Heightening of Awareness and Reflexes

With our training methodologies the perception and reflexes of students reach levels that are impossible to approach with classical practices.

Powerful Feeder Mentality

In a short time frame the mindset of our students is transformed to a more balanced and proactive frame of thought, that can handle almost any self-protection challenge.

Unique Knowledge of Human Anatomy and Reactionary Responses

Familiarization with the anatomy and reactionary responses of the human body is fully included in our curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions

See below some of the more common questions and their answers.

Who can train in Sayoc Kali?

Sayoc Kali is targeted at men and women of legal age, with a clear penal record, that want to learn efficient ways of protecting themselves and their loved ones.


I' ve seen several systems that "resemble" your art. Why should I prefer Sayoc Kali?

In order for Sayoc Kali to be so effective for its students so directly, it includes an extremely detailed process for training Instructors, that is presented only in the special seminars that are conducted by the Sayoc family and more specifically Pamana Tuhon Chris Sayoc himself, for that purpose.

Although several instructors and systems have attempted to imitate the kinesiology of Sayoc Kali, the result is not only inaccurate but also dangerous for the safety of the practitioners in a physical and mental level. The head instructor in Greece, Guro Angelos Bastakis with the rest of the Greek Instructors are the only ones that possess the necessary technical skills required to transmit properly and effectively the system.

What does the system curriculum include?

The methodology of Sayoc Kali generally differs in its structure from most martial arts systems. Learning starts with familiarization of edged and impact weapons, as these represent the most dangerous (and effective) attacks other than firearms. Afterwards, unarmed combat is introduced along with projectiles.

Our system also includes the extensive use and protection against improvised weaponry, which is especially important for Greece, and training in medical injury management.

The techniques and strategies of handling multiple opponents (mass attacks), effective teamwork and protecting your loved ones are present and applied throughout the entire curriculum.


I' ve been training in Martial Arts for years. Should I expect something different from Sayoc Kali?

Yes. Several things.

The teaching methodology of Sayoc Kali is based on research on human psychology and the most effective learning technologies. With the use of specific escalactions and progressive exposure in various stress factors, in a very short time someone gets what he needs in order to respond efficiently at a difficult security situation.

It is also characteristic in our system that we first get acquainted with weapons. We consider this to be the only way for someone to understand adequately how to deal with them while unarmed, and how a proactive mindset can be more suitable to save someone’s life.


How can I start?

It is simple! Contact us at the phone number you can see at the bottom and set up your appointment for a free introductory class.

Is the training safe?

The training is completely safe, and the weapons we use in it are training replicas (knives, sticks etc) that are spefically designed for this purpose. The intensity and difficulty of threats that someone faces during training is escalated in a very precise manner and corresponds fully to each practitioner’s capabilities.


Do I need to be in shape to get started?

No. Sayoc Kali is designed to provide smart and practical self-protection solutions, that work regardless of the bodytype and the physical condition of the trainees. The training itself offers all of the skills necessary to adapt to it. The system is particularly effective in the case of less strong or less agile individuals due to the familiarization with tools (edged and impact weapons) that multiply human strength.


How long will it take for me to start having results?

The results of the practical and focused teachings of Sayoc Kali can be seen quickly, as the system is designed to make the practitioners effective within particularly short time frames, safely, in contrast with the more traditional methodologies. This is the main reason it is preferred by special army units, security teams, experienced martial arts practitioners and people that have never worked out before.

In particular:

After the first month: Better coordination, better understand of our body, increased understanding of human responses and reflexes.

After the sixth month: Increased reflexes, increased perception of our surroundings, increased concentration and focus.

After the first year: Strong shift in a more positive and proactive mindset (the Feeder Mindset), powerful self-discipline, important skills for self-protection and protecting our loved ones.


Is it really necessary to learn how to use and protect against weapons?

Sayoc Kali is a self protection system, designed for life-threatening scenarios that are found in daily life. Unfortunately the most important attacks that a person will face in all probability will include some form of weaponry. For those that are truly interested in learning how to live a more safe and protected life, familiarization with weapons whether these are improvised or not is inevitable.


I live away from Athens. Is there a way for me to train in Sayoc Kali?

Yes. If you live in Greece you can contact us in order to organize a remote learning group, in combination with frequent seminars from Guro Angelos Bastakis (head instructor of Sayoc Kali Hellas). If you live in Europe or the US, please contact the European and US HQ respectively.

Big Screen Appearances

Sayoc Kali and Kali in general, besides being chosen by Tactical Units and Special Forces in the US and other countries around the world, is also one of the most frequent choices for action scenes in Hollywood movies and series. You can see below some of its more popular appearances.

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