Guro Angelos Bastakis


Angelos Bastakis started his Martial Arts training in the year 1999, in a local school featuring a Freestyle Karate system, Semi Contact Point Fighting and Full Contact Kick Boxing.

In 2003, he became part of the training group that brought Tuhon Ray Dionaldo’s FCS Kali in Greece.

Discovering the unique kinesiology and efficiency of Filipino Martial Arts and in an effort to broaden his knowledge, in 2007 he sought out training with Sayoc Kali.

Since then he has been training under the guidance of the most important Instructors worldwide in the field of realistic confrontations (Pamana Tuhon Chris Sayoc, Tuhon Jimmie Sayoc, Guro Nick Sacoulas) while also participating regularly in training seminars of other top level instructors around the world.

He currently holds the rank of Associate Instructor – Level 4.